I have a dream.

No not "that" dream. The dream I've had for several years concerns the future of my personal computer. I envision a time when my "PC" is really just my smart-phone except that it'd have a fully functional desktop OS and everything digital that I need. I want to do away with simultaneously maintaining a mini-computer phone, a desktop computer at home and a laptop for work. I want an all-in-one device with docking stations at various locations that provide additional horse power as needed. For example, I use my home computer largely as a gaming device, so at home I might have a powerhouse graphics card, better sound, more RAM, additional CPU power, an HD monitor and peripherals (mouse/keyboard). I'd still need to maintain hardware at each location but my OS would remain constant along with my installed applications and all my files. Anywhere I went I'd have ALL of my data on my personal OS installation. No more installing the same application on several PCs or saving documents to the web so that I can get them from any location. Everything would be in my pocket at all times.

We certainly aren't there yet but this idea seems so sensible to me that I can't imagine we won't eventually get there. There's going to be a lot of resistance from companies like Microsoft along the way though because they'll simply sell fewer copies of their products. Even so it seems like a natural progression. Time will tell. Until then I'll continue to dream.