Exploring Stowage

I originally came across Stowage on the blog aggregator Awesome .NET. Its github repo has a description which reads "Stowage is a bloat-free .NET cloud storage »

JsonEnvelopes .NET Standard Library

Description JsonEnvelopes is a simple .NET Standard library which utilizes a concrete implementation of JsonCovnverter<T> (System.Text.Json) to serialize and deserialize objects »

Exploring LiteDB

Last year I saw a reference to LiteDB on Awesome .NET. It described itself as "An embedded NoSQL database for .NET". That drew my attention. A »


Several months ago I found myself contemplating the creation of yet another HTML client, this time to help in prototyping a larger application concept I was »

My year with a MacBook

I'm primarily a .NET developer but for a year I worked exclusively on a MacBook using Boot Camp to run Windows 10. Like many software companies »

My First Ghosting

I'm trying out Ghost for the first time. I've wanted to find an alternative to Blogger for a while now but just hadn't put the effort »

Boeing's Big Data

I recently attended the seminar CloudFest Azure Workshop at the Microsoft offices in downtown Portland, OR. The event was hosted by Northwest Cadence and the Marquam »

RecipeBox is Live

I spend time most weekends programming, typically in the evenings over a craft beer at my favorite pub. During these sessions I occasionally perform pressing tasks »

Early Impressions of TypeScript

I've been playing around with TypeScript for several weeks now and, overall, my early impressions are quite favorable. The typing system and its integration with Visual »

The Death of FitTrack

While working on the MVC implementation for my FitTrack application I googled "cottage cheese" to cross reference a menu item entry. This is what I got. »

JavaScript I Can Live With

I've never been a fan of JavaScript. Not because of the language itself. Syntactically it's a lot like C# (which I love) and functionally it provides »

I have a dream.

No not "that" dream. The dream I've had for several years concerns the future of my personal computer. I envision a time when my "PC" is »

Browser Wars

My first experience with a "browser" was Mosaic around 1994 in the Washington State University computer labs. I viewed it as a novel and somewhat intriguing »

Documentation? Oh my.

I'm at work near the end of a long day. I spent almost the entire day writing documentation. As a developer I understand the absolute necessity »

That pesky enum

The .NET enum, such a simple concept.  At the most basic level an enum is a collection of key/value pairs with a restricted string key »

Good UI Designers Rock!

I've been playing around with xaml technologies for several  years now and it's given me the utmost respect for truly good UI designers. In the era »

A legacy of legacy.

When I first started developing software professionally I remember occasionally finding older code and thinking "how could someone design something so poorly?" I've been writing software »


This week my job duties shifted significantly.  I've gone from doing primarily hands on development to researching development issues for upcoming projects or current problem processes »

My first blog post ever

I read an article a while back written by an senior developer at Microsoft in which he advocated that EVERY serious developer should blog.  It was »