ng-conf 2014

I spent two days last week sitting in on the online stream of ng-conf 2014 the first ever AngularJS conference. There was a ton of presentations and, as is always the case at these things, some were great and some were lacking. Overall I continue to be impressed with Angular and what it brings to the table.

A few notes I had.

  • Firebase! Wow that looks incredible. If you haven't seen it and what they called "three-way binding" you should go check it out. Very impressive.
  • Almost every person presenting at the conference was on a Mac. It's seems quite odd to me that most videos I've seen on Angular have been done by a developer using a Mac. I'm not a Microsoft "fan boy" by any means but I am an Apple hater and I simply can't understand how anyone could use Visual Studio then go back to developing with some other IDE. My suspicion is that a majority of Angular programmers are Microsoft haters and Apple fan boys. Que sera, sera I guess.
  • I was not a fan of the twenty minute session format. Twenty minutes is simply too little time to do any kind of a deep dive into code and most of the presentations reflected that fact. There was very little in the way of actual code shown during the presentations. The vast majority were simply Power Point style slide shows.